Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Thirties Thursday Giveaway #2!!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fab Giveaway!!

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Friday, June 3, 2011


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Laundry Room

My laundry room was one hellacious disaster for such a tiny room. There is ZERO storage in there and barely enough room to open the dryer door. To add more storage we purchased a shelf from Lowes.

I jumped the gun and had the husband hang the shelf before I remembered to take before pictures.

Gross, right? It's a tiiiiny room. All that stuff on the shelf used to sit on top of my dryer. Excuse the trash on the floor. lol

This is where I've been keeping my broom, swiffer, etc...

Big mess

See how small this space is?

And after some organizing, cleaning, sweeping, and mopping this is the result:

I moved all the laundry and cleaning supplies to the shelf. I cleaning caddy holds all my bathroom cleaning supplies. I have three bathrooms to clean so this comes in handy. The bin on the dryer holds all the stuff I need to clean my son's cloth diapers. I purchased the hanging containers and hooks from Ikea. 

I hung my Dust Buster on the wall and moved the trash can over here.

I've had this hook for awhile just haven't hung it yet. It was actually mixed in the mess of stuff on top of my dryer. I just never got around to hanging it. But now everything is off the ground and easy to access.

The vacuum will go here, I just forgot to put it back before taking pictures. haha

I hung this over the door laundry hamper to catch all the dirty clothes that usually build up on the laundry room floor. My kids often get dressed down stairs so it is easier to throw their dirty clothes in here rather than run them back upstairs to the hamper in their rooms.

This is cute sign I found at Hobby Lobby. I got half off. Isn't it cute?

I'm so happy with my clean and organized laundry room. Now everything had a home! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Weekly Challenge} The Launch Pad

Week two's challenge is to create a "launch pad", an area in your home to help launch you out the door. Idealy, this would be a mud room. However, I'm not lucky enough to have such a room.

This is the tiny area I have to work with.
Nothing too special, huh? It's a small area at the bottom of our stairs and next to the front door. So, on a recent trip to Ikea we bought this coat hanger.

It's actually two put together. They were only $4.99 each! Not bad.

I love my green purse :)

We also have another small hook in the kitchen for our keys. I've had this for about a year now.

I have this horse shoe hanging above our front door. It brings us good luck.

I'm still playing with the idea of hanging a floating shelf above the coat rack. But for now I bought these baskets and have the smaller one hanging from a hook. It's just some place we can toss small things like sunglasses.

LIDAN Basket, set of 2 white
I didn't take a picture of this hanging in my house- sorry.

This is what I wish I able to do in this space:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites {Be Green}

I try very hard to be "green" and use environmentally safe products. So, in my efforts to be more green I use reusable shopping bags. Not only are they much better for the environment but some stores (Target and CVS to name a few) will give you a discount for using a reusable bag have these great 5-in-1 pouches. They are small enough to keep in your glove box, purse, or diaper bag. I loooooove mine! And the prints are so cute.

This is the bag I always carry in my purse. It's great for quick trips into a store or when you forget your bags (like I always do!). It folds up into the attached pouch and comes in adorable prints!

And of course my Ikea reusable bag. This bag is GREAT! It's HUUUGE  and very easy to clean. I used it a lot last summer to haul all the sand toys to and from the lake.

It's hard to walk into a store and not find reusable bags for sale. You can buy them for as little as $.49. Not to mentions the free ones that places give out allll the time. For example, I registered at Target last year when I was pregnant. When you first register Target gives you a little goody bag filled will coupons and product samples. The bag is a cute little reusable tote that you can fold up :) I <3 that thing! Another great place I've found FREE reusable bags is at festivals and carnivals. We have many here on our post each year. It never fails that there are booths set up with people pimping their company or products. Most of those booths have free things to giveaway. I can't tell you how many free bags I've gotten from those places. Yeah, they may have some company's logo on it, but really- WHO CARES?! 

I have no shame in pimping Medicare. It's a great bag to bring my groceries home in!

Now don't get me wrong- there are plenty of times that I go shopping and forget to bring my bag(s) in with me. And it never fails that it isn't until I'm unloading my cart that I remember I've forgotten them in the car. By that time I'm not going to run out to my car to get my bags. It's just not worth the hassle. So home I go with multiple plastic bags. However, I DO make sure to recycle all my plastic bags. Soooo many stores offer plastic bag recycling bins now (Walmart, Target, HEB, Kroger, etc...). AND some stores even have incentives for recycling bags. I know at one time Target would give you a $1 towards the purchase of a reusable bag for every six plastic Target bags you sent to Terracycle. I'm not sure if this program is still in place.

I love my reusable bags and when I remember to bring them into the store with me I walk out feeling proud of myself! I've just done something good for Mother Earth *grin*.