Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Downstairs Bathroom

The down stairs bathroom cabinet is a catch all for random things. Living in post housing you don't really have the option to personalize your home as you would if you owned it. So I'm always having to find new places to store stuff. I keep things in that cabinet that most people may not. For example, we store batteries and light bulbs under there. Weird, I know... but it works for us! haha As you can see from the picture below this cabinet needed some help!


The medicine cabinet- EEK!

I pulled everything out and wiped it all down. There were a lot of things I threw away or added to my yard sale pile. I containerized the batteries, light bulbs, and odds and ends. I used another wire shelf to give me more room. You can't see it very well but I have a blue bin under here now with all our sunblock and bug spray. It will be easy to find come this summer! As you can tell I keep cleaning supplies under here too. I like to keep disinfecting wipes in every bathroom for quick counter and toilet wipe downs. I started doing this after I potty trained my first son-- he didn't have very good aim! He's also really good at leaving dirty finger prints all over the counter top.

The medicine cabinet is so bare now! I moved the meds that were in here to the kitchen with the other medications. I put my nail polish where it belongs and moved the sunblock to a bin below the sink. I used a small wire basket I purchased at The Dollar Store (came in a pack of 2) to keep the dog's flea and heart worm meds together.

An organized potty is a happy potty! :)

I've joined the 'Weekly Challenge'

I have joined the 'Weekly Challenge' at A Bowl Full of Lemons. I'm excited to get started! Her first challenge is something that I could really make use of, The Home Management Binder.

Needless to say I'll be buying a three ring binder and all the other things I need to get started tomorrow. Can't wait! I'll definitely post pictures :)

New Year's Revolution!

Yes, you read that right. I said revolution. I've been fighting a losing battle with clutter for a very long time. Even before I had kids and got married I had clutter! I'm sentimental and like to keep everything. However, it has reached a breaking point. I'm tired of it and so is my husband. Sticking stuff in large totes and storing them in a shed just isn't cutting it anymore. That being said I told myself that 2011 would be the year I said GOODBYE to clutter and HELLO to organization.

In my efforts to become more organized I stumbled upon A Bowl Full of Lemons via my friend, Megan. Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons had a 21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge that inspired me. I was unable to participate in the challenge during the initial 21 days due to a family vacation, however, you better bet I got right on it when I got home! I ran right over to Wal Mart and The Dollar Store to load up on containers to help with my organizing. AND I busted out with label maker!

I took it slow at first. I started with the kitchen sink. Took me all of five minutes and I felt great afterwards!

Here are my before and after pictures:


The amount of cleaners I had under there was amazing! And I only use glass cleaner and a multipurpose clean on a daily basis. I pulled everything out and wiped down the cabinet. I then went through all my cleaning supplies and got rid of a lot of them.


On top of the shelf I have my most used cleaners in front and the rest in back. Under the shelf I used a plastic container to store my Magic Erasers, extra sponges, and Swiffer wipes. My kitchen has terrible drawer space so I use a plastic drawer to hold all my cleaning rags. On top of that I have a small container that holds the stopper and grate for my sink.

Taking this small step to getting organized really made a difference in my daily routine. I'm not shoving things under the sink anymore. Everything has it's place!