Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year's Revolution!

Yes, you read that right. I said revolution. I've been fighting a losing battle with clutter for a very long time. Even before I had kids and got married I had clutter! I'm sentimental and like to keep everything. However, it has reached a breaking point. I'm tired of it and so is my husband. Sticking stuff in large totes and storing them in a shed just isn't cutting it anymore. That being said I told myself that 2011 would be the year I said GOODBYE to clutter and HELLO to organization.

In my efforts to become more organized I stumbled upon A Bowl Full of Lemons via my friend, Megan. Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons had a 21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge that inspired me. I was unable to participate in the challenge during the initial 21 days due to a family vacation, however, you better bet I got right on it when I got home! I ran right over to Wal Mart and The Dollar Store to load up on containers to help with my organizing. AND I busted out with label maker!

I took it slow at first. I started with the kitchen sink. Took me all of five minutes and I felt great afterwards!

Here are my before and after pictures:


The amount of cleaners I had under there was amazing! And I only use glass cleaner and a multipurpose clean on a daily basis. I pulled everything out and wiped down the cabinet. I then went through all my cleaning supplies and got rid of a lot of them.


On top of the shelf I have my most used cleaners in front and the rest in back. Under the shelf I used a plastic container to store my Magic Erasers, extra sponges, and Swiffer wipes. My kitchen has terrible drawer space so I use a plastic drawer to hold all my cleaning rags. On top of that I have a small container that holds the stopper and grate for my sink.

Taking this small step to getting organized really made a difference in my daily routine. I'm not shoving things under the sink anymore. Everything has it's place!

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