Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Laundry Room

My laundry room was one hellacious disaster for such a tiny room. There is ZERO storage in there and barely enough room to open the dryer door. To add more storage we purchased a shelf from Lowes.

I jumped the gun and had the husband hang the shelf before I remembered to take before pictures.

Gross, right? It's a tiiiiny room. All that stuff on the shelf used to sit on top of my dryer. Excuse the trash on the floor. lol

This is where I've been keeping my broom, swiffer, etc...

Big mess

See how small this space is?

And after some organizing, cleaning, sweeping, and mopping this is the result:

I moved all the laundry and cleaning supplies to the shelf. I cleaning caddy holds all my bathroom cleaning supplies. I have three bathrooms to clean so this comes in handy. The bin on the dryer holds all the stuff I need to clean my son's cloth diapers. I purchased the hanging containers and hooks from Ikea. 

I hung my Dust Buster on the wall and moved the trash can over here.

I've had this hook for awhile just haven't hung it yet. It was actually mixed in the mess of stuff on top of my dryer. I just never got around to hanging it. But now everything is off the ground and easy to access.

The vacuum will go here, I just forgot to put it back before taking pictures. haha

I hung this over the door laundry hamper to catch all the dirty clothes that usually build up on the laundry room floor. My kids often get dressed down stairs so it is easier to throw their dirty clothes in here rather than run them back upstairs to the hamper in their rooms.

This is cute sign I found at Hobby Lobby. I got half off. Isn't it cute?

I'm so happy with my clean and organized laundry room. Now everything had a home! :)


  1. You did a great job Yvonne! It's funny you are posting about your laundry room, because we are getting ready to do a makeover on our laundry room too. Right now our Laundry room doubles as a laundry room and pantry (lame, who designs food to go in a laundry room? idk!). Anyways, our laundry room is downstairs, and I'm sick of being a pack mule up and down the stairs. So, We're turning our landry room/ pantry into a landry room/family closet!! I thought my husband would think I was nuts, but he thought it made a lot of sense and that it was a great idea :) YEAH!!

  2. I wish we could do some kind of makeover. But we live in Army housing so we're kind of stuck with what we've got. But my husband is getting out of the Army next year so we'll be buying a house back home. We we had a multi level house I'd want my laundry room upstairs too. My Mom lived in a house with the laundry room upstairs and it was great! Good luck on your makeover :)

  3. Thanks! The last house we lived in, we built, and the laundry room was upstairs where all the bedrooms were...it was great! My next house, I'm hoping for a one story :) But, if it can't be a one story, definitely laundry room on the same floor as the bedrooms!!