Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Desk

I love love love our desk. I saw it last year at Ikea and just HAD to have it! It's a great space saver.

The bench slides underneath the desk when not in use. AND the bench lid opens to reveal a filling cabinet! Cool, right?

However, once you open those doors this is the mess you're hit with!
Disaster right? You can tell I had good intentions to keep things neat and organized. I bought those cute green bins and magazine holders from Ikea when we purchased the desk.

Excuse my crooked picture. lol I pulled everything out. Dusted the entire thing. There was about an inch of dust built up. I used one of the large bins to hold extra computer paper and the other to hold envelopes, blank CDs, and calculators. The small bins hold USB cords, my camera battery charger, and extra office supplies. In the magazine holders I have my Parent magazines and in the other some paperwork. I also dug out my old wire desk organizer (I found it in the upstairs closet!). In that I have note pads, pens, pencils, scissors, tape, and other office supplies.

Keeping this area tidy is a challenge. I use this work station almost daily. So at any given time there are papers scattered about, glasses of water sitting around, and bills that need to be filled away.

It looks good now, though!

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