Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Weekly Challenge} The Home Management Binder

I love this challenge! It's just what I needed in my life. I'm a big list maker, so this is a great place for me to keep all my to do lists and better manage our finances.

Here is what I gathered for the challenge:

3 ring binder
Label Maker
Hole punch
Printables I found online

I created this cute cover page :)

This is our weekly schedule. I got this free printable here.

And behind the weekly schedule I have a monthly calendar. You can find this calendar here.

These are my colorful dividers. I labeled my tabs as follows:

To Do
Menu Planning

My weekly chore checklist. I found this printable here. I decided to pull from this weekly list to make my daily list. My daily list still stays on my fridge. It's easier for me to keep my daily list there. I also have a Party Planning Worksheet to help me plan my son's second birthday that is coming up. I found the party planning printable here. It's very helpful.

I printed out weekly and monthly menu planners. It's easier for me to sit down at the beginning of each month and plan out a whole months worth of meals. Then transfer that over each week. That way I can go back and make changes or move things around if need be. Because who knows if on February 15th we're going to feel like eating Spaghetti! I also have new recipes I've printed offline here too. Once I make the recipe and decide we like it or not I'll store it in my cookbook to reference it later. I found my weekly menu planner here and my monthly menu planner here

I created a Monthly Deep Cleaning List in Word. I don't really have a need to keep a daily one here. There are only a few things that I do EVERYDAY (sweep, vacuum, dishes, counter tops) and the rest get pulled from this list and put on my weekly chore list.

I sort of copied what Toni uses for her Bill and Payment checklist. I created this simple checklist in Word. I also created a spreadsheet that has all of our account numbers and information. That way if I need to call the cable company I don't have to search for a bill to locate our account number. I pay most of our bills online, so I included our log in ID and password in case my husband should need the information.

I'm so happy to have this binder in our lives now! I made it last night and just today I've been in it three times!



  1. Awesome job! Love the printables you used.

  2. hi There- I dont know you but I am also working on getting my home managment binder together, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of your bill and payment checklist and account number spread sheet. would you be willing to share? pretty please. (time saver) if so you can email it to me at calclutz (at)yahoo (dot) com

  3. Yes, I can share the bill and payment checklist. But my account spradsheet is just something I created in word with all of our info. Thats something you'd have to do on your own. I'll send the email to you later today.

  4. Love your binder! Thanks for sharing all the links to those printable... very helpful!