Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Pantry

I tackled our pantry(s) this weekend. You can tell they need some help!

As you can see we have two separate "pantry" areas. The house we live in does not have an actual pantry. The picture on the left is a cabinet I purchased from Target. It's sitting next to my refrigerator. The picture on the right is suppose to be a broom closet. Instead of using it to store my broom I stuck a small shelving unit we owned in there for more food storage.

I went to Lowes and got this plastic shelving unit. It was just the right price too! I'm now utilizing all the space the "broom closet" has to offer.

Bottom Shelf: Bread maker (freed up some counter top space by moving it here), cookie cutters, and cooler bag.
Second Shelf: Stackable shelves for potatoes and onions (I'm out of onions lol) and the kids snack baskets.
Third Shelf: Canned goods, baking goods, and extra condiments.
Top Shelf: Spices, seasoning packets, cookie and cake decorating goods, and dogie treats.
**I have to keep the dogie treats up high or my Preschooler will feed all of them to the dog! lol

And now for the second pantry. I pulled everything out and wiped the shelves off. I used a plastic basket I purchased from The Dollar Store to house my bags of pasta. I want to get another container for cereal. I'd rather see the containers than the boxes. Plus, they keep the cereal fresher longer.

This pantry reorganizing took FOREVER. No joke. I got started around 1pm. Half way through I had to stop and feed the baby. THEN I realized the first shelving unit I bought was too small. I should have bough the next size up. So I stopped what I was doing to run back to Lowes. A few more distractions later... I wasn't done until near 8pm! My kitchen was the biggest disaster because of all this.

I am so happy with the end result- distractions and all!

These are my three adorable distractions!

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