Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you start it... FINISH IT!

I'm easily distracted and often get off task, especially when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Most of the time my distractions have names: Carson, Brody, and Jaxson (my kids). LOL However, they aren't the only distractions. Just yesterday half way through cleaning the kitchen I found myself standing in the laundry room cleaning it! Let me explain, I went into the laundry room to drop off the dirty dish towels and rags. As I was doing that I noticed how dirty the top of the dryer was with lint and dust. Next thing I know I'm wiping the washer and dryer and sweeping the floor. Um... HELLO! What happen to the kitchen? Once my brain clicked back on I quickly finished what I was doing and went back into the kitchen.

The chore I'm famous for not finishing is LAUNDRY. On any given day you will most likely find a basket of clean folded laundry sitting in my upstairs hallway waiting to be put away. Actually putting the laundry away seems to be such a struggle for me. I'm always on top of washing and folding. Then I walk the basket upstairs and I tell myself "I'll put this away after dinner or before the kids go to bed". By the time that rolls around I've forgotten about the laundry.

I have to give myself credit, though, because on Sunday I washed, folded, AND put away five loads of laundry. However, a load of towels sat in the dryer until Tuesday. LOL

Since beginning my war on clutter I often find myself reminiscing. I do it with everything: photos, toys, clothes, and knick knacks. It's VERY distracting.

So... my new goal:


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  1. I'm trying this one, I started a major overhaul this past Saturday, I can't wait til I get EVERYONE out of the house so I can get back to it sans distraction